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Accomodation and Location


Pilgrims House an oasis in India.

Occupying a beautiful restored building on the land of a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Pilgrims House offers affordable rated accommodation of 10 standard rooms with window, electric fan and shared bathrooms and toilets. Next to these rooms a lot of 5 kitchens are available for personal use.

Pilgrims House is an ideal home away from home with beautiful natural surroundings for pilgrims, Dharma practitioners and small tourist groups who appreciate a unique blend of Buddhism’s tradition. It also offers a unique choice for patients undergoing treatment at the nearby hospital.


Pilgrims House is well placed to stay away from the real boom city of  Siliguri. Located between Bagdogra airport and N.J.P Railway station it is very easy to reach by public transports and Taxi.


Pilgrims House is the perfect place to enjoy quietness and serenity, while organizing your next move from this gateway to Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan.


            ( rates range from 50 to 200 rupees per night )


Taxi booking  

Train ticket reservation

Flight reservation

Luggage room

Access to filter water



Contact us :


By phone at: 96350.15.155 or 98320.49.416

By email at:

Khordong Byangter Gompa
Dhansara Village, P.O. Ranidanga 734012
District Darjeeling, West-Bengal

Way to Khordong Byangter Monastery,

Also known Buddha Mandir



By train:
Take the train to New Jalpaiguri (NJP) train station, near Silliguri. From there go to the prepaid Taxi Booth which stands outside the main entrance and ask for a Taxi to Ranidanga, Buddha Mandir, Off Goshpati more. Tell the driver to go via Mahananda bridge and through Medical, it should cost you around 220 rupees.You also can take an auto-rickshaw if you prefer, which will cost you from 120 to 180 depending on your capacity to bargain. The instructions are the same.If you prefer to come by bus, first take a Bus, an auto-rickshaw or a cycle-rickshaw to Siliguri.

By air:

Book a ticket to Bagdogra airport and from there go to the prepaid  Taxi Booth which is inside the airport just before the exit gate. Ask for a taxi to Ranidanga, Buddha Mandir, Off Goshpati more. It should cost you around 250 rupees.


From Siliguri, by bus:


Best is to go to Court More, as it is the starting point for all buses, that will assure you to get a sit. Otherwise you also can catch the buses from Hill cart road.

There are two type of buses which you can take. The first one is a direct bus. Its final destination is Pashidewa. Board this bus and tell you want to get off at Goshpati more, also know as Goshpara, it shall cost you 8 rupees. The key word remains Buddha Mandir. From there, it is a 10 minutes walk through Dhansara village, till the Gompa main entrance gate.


The other buses you can take are any buses in direction of Nepal border (Panithanki) or any buses going to Bagdogra. You will stop at Shivmandir more (also known as Medical more), this part of the journey should cost you 5 rupees. From there you can take another bus in direction of Pashidewa. You will then stop at Goshpati more, also known as Goshpara, and this second part of the journey should cost you another 5 rupees. You shall then walk through the village till the Gompa main entrance gate.


From Siliguri, by share Auto-Rickshaw:


As for the bus, best is to go to Court More, as it is the starting point for all auto-rickshaw as well, you will then be sure to get a sit. Otherwise you also can catch the auto-rickshaw from Hill cart road.There are two ways to reach. One direct way with any auto-rickshaw heading to Pashidewa. The key word remains Buddha Mandir, Goshpati more. The cost is 9 rupees.The other way is to board any auto-rickshaw heading towards Shivmandir or Bagdogra. Stop at Shivmandir more (also known as medical more). This first part of the journey shall cost you 7 rupees. from Shivmandir more board any auto-rickshaw going to Phasidewa and get off at Goshpati more for another 5 rupees.Beware Bus and auto-rickshaw ride can be very difficult to find after 8.30pm from Siliguri.