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Residents Lamas Profiles 2009

Residents Lamas Profiles



Dawa Norbu - 11 yrs

His father is Migma Tsering Lepcha and he works as a carpenter. His mother is Lamkit Lepcha, she is housewife. Dawa Norbu comes from Yuksom in West Sikkim he has one brother and he went to the government primary school up to Class 3. So far he shows to be an average student with a very gentle and soft character. What he likes most is to do pujas while his favorite activity is to ride bicycle. 

Phurba Bhutia - 11 yrs


His father is Anil Bhutia and mother is Dawa Lhamo. They are separated.

Phurba lived with his mother, grand parents, brother and sister in a rented house in Sonada. His mother is doing various kind of jobs to sustain the whole family. Phurba arrived in Dec 2005 together with his brother Lakpa. He is showing a very keen interest in study and making tormas.


Rigdzin Bhutia - 11 yrs

His father Latsering bhutia has a government job in the education department in Gayzing and his mother is housewife. He has an elder brother and they are coming from Naya Basti near Gayzing in West Sikkim. Rigdzin got educated at a private school up to Class 3. Rigdzin has a very reserved and thoughtful character. He just started to learn Tibetan on his arrival here in December 2007, so he finds it difficult sometimes but he has adjusted very fast and enjoys being here. What he likes most is to watch movies on Television ogether with cycling. His best friend here is Lakhpa.

Lakhpa Tsering - 12 yrs

His father Pasang Lepcha is a gardener and his mother Aita Rani Lepcha is housewife. He has 1 brother and the family comes from Yuksom in west Sikkim. He received education from the Norbugang Chorten Lama School and is the best friend of Lakhpa Thendup. These two are inseparable. Lakhpa Tsering is very energetic and never misses an occasion to play. He is learning swimming courageously and enjoys playing football. When it comes to study it is a bit more difficult as he has difficulties to focus his attention in the class. He came here in December 2007.


Lakhpa Thendup Bhutia - 12 yrs

His father Wangchuck Bhutia is a farmer and his mother Nyimti Bhutia is housewife. Lakhpa Thendup has 1 brother and 2 sisters and they also come from Yuksom in west Sikkim. Lakhpa unfortunately broke his arm two years ago and it did not properly healed so that his arm remained twisted. He has a very fun loving character and enjoys outside activities in particular cycling. He was studying in Norbugang Chorten Lama School before to join here in December 2007. He can speak English and enjoys learning Tibetan.

Pema Lama - 13 yrs

His father is Tej Badur Tamang and his mother is Mangali Tamang both work on road construction sites. They are now separate and both are working in Shillong. So Pema grew up in the village of Birpara together with his grand parents and then went several years to Tamang Gompa in Salbari. Pema is a very strong boy with a soft heart; he is a good student showing particular interest in learning Tibetan and English. Otherwise he is very found of singing and playing football.

Phurba - Nyima Zangpo Lama - 13 yrs

His father passed away and his mother left him under the care of his father's first wife family. He has 3 elder brothers working in restaurants in Delhi and 1 sister staying in Darjeeling with relatives. He grew up in the village of Shota Chenga and went to Pari secondary School up to class 5. His favorite subjects were English and Nepali. He is much found of learning languages and show himself skill to learn the Tibetan. He really likes to study and has interest to learn all subjects. His favorite hobbies are Football, cricket and Dance. He has joined here in January 2008 and has already been sent to Shimla to further his studies.


Wangyal Lepcha - 14 years

His father is Rigdzin Lepcha and he is a Jeep driver, while his mother Sangmit Lepcha passed away when Wangyal was very young. He has 4 brothers and one sister. He comes from Yuksom in West Sikkim and got educated at Norbugang Chorten Lama School in Yuksom. Wangyal is very active, inventive and fast. His favorite subject is Tibetan, but he generally finds it difficult to concentrate on his studies. Wangyal became very found of Cycling and swimming here in Gompa. He came here in December 2007.


Thubten Bhutia - 14 yrs

His father is Pasang Tsering and he works as a daily labor on road projects. His mother is Deiky Drolma and she is housewife. Thubten has 2 sisters. They live in Naya Village near Gayzing in West Sikkim. He went to Gayzing secondary school up to class 5 and left in 2007. Thubten has a very joyful and intense character. He is very dedicated in his studies and needs to be involved in all sorts of activities. He likes particularly making tormas while his favorite hobbies are singing, acting and telling stories to make people laugh. Thubten joined here in December 2007 and has also been selected to be part of the group going to Shimla. 


Pasang Tamang - 15 yrs  

His parents are Gouri and Kusum Tamang. His father Gouri is a carpenter while his mother works in the tea plantations during the plucking season. The familly is from Panighatta, in the Darjeeling District and they live in their own house. Pasang has an elder sister who went to school up to class 8 and who is not married yet.Pasang arrived here in March 2007 and has shown so far good capacity of learning very fast. He is now already at level with the others and also became a good gyaling player.He is in charge of the lamps offerings.

Pemzang Lepcha - 16 yrs

His father Nyrup Lepcha is a farmer and his mother Nyim Lamo Lepcha is housewife. Pemzang has 1 sister and 1 brother and they all come from Yuksom. He went to government school up to Class 3 then went to the Kechopari Lama School for 3 years before to join here in December 2007. Pemzang is a very good student and a very skilled young boy, very focus in whatever he does and he has a very pleasant character. His favorite hobby is to draw and play football.



Ugyen Tamang - 16 yrs

His father is Samten Tamang, who works at the river bed, while his mother Sarita Tamang is house wife. Ugyen has a 10 years old sister Yogita Tamang who goes to primary school in class 4. The familly is from Dudhia in the Darjeeling District and live in their own house. Ugyen joined here in June 2006, he is showing a good interest in his study and learns fast. He is especially found of playing rolmos and making tormas. Due to his efforts and dedication, in February 2008 he has been selected to go to Shimla to further his studies.

Dawa Tsering - 17 yrs 

His father is Thondup Lepcha and does agriculture work while his mother Nyerkyi Lepcha is a house wife. Dawa Tsering comes from the Norbugang village near Yuksom. He has study at Dubdi Gompa for one year till October 2007. He has particular interest in learning to make torma and play the rolmo. He is quite a good student and shows good interest if he is given proper guidance and care. His favorite sport is football. Dawa Tsering has joined here in December 2007 and is now studying in Shimla since March 2008.ghgsak.









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